Freitag, 9. August 2013

DarkMixer by Ile De Danse

The DarkMixer is a Max4Live device.
It has float function, so you can use it to control the LIVE-mixer in arrangement-view on a secondary screen.

I have built this device because I needed a mixer with many channels on small place.
I was inspired by thomsonaudio and synnak
It was my first M4L device and I think I have learned something about M4L API and subpatching;)


- 32 channels
- 6 returns
- MASTER control
- channel names will be the same as in LIVE-mixer
- mute, solo, pan, volume and send ammount on every channel
- cue control on MASTER
- bidirectional communication between DarkMixer and Ableton mixer
- optimized for a screen-resolution of 1440*900pxl,

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