Freitag, 30. August 2013

DarkMixer 1.1b is ready!!

DarkMixer 1.1b is ready!!!

New main feature:

Device control for all channels.

Just click under the volume meter to select device
and turn it on/off with the button right besides.

Some minor changes are done for better experience like
some cleaning up the design and stabilize the app.

You can use the free demo here to try it out.
The demo is some kind of limited, it offers just 16 channels and 2 return/sends.


If you like, you can purchase the full version via paypal for only 3€!
It will be delivered by mail ASAP.

The full version offers:

- 32 channels
- 6 returns
- MASTER control
- device control (on/off)
- channel names will be the same as in LIVE-mixer
- mute, solo, pan, volume and send ammount on every channel
- cue control on MASTER
- bidirectional communication between DarkMixer and Ableton mixer
- optimized for a screen-resolution of 1440*900pxl
- low cpu consumption (~2% on my old C2Duo)

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